Tyre and Wheel Services

Tyre Service

At Medowie Car Care Pty Ltd we supply, fit and balance tyres, plus do wheel alignments.

Our team is experienced in supplying tyres for a range of cars from the classics to modern vehicles and our equipment is capable of handling it all. We can provide advice on your specific tyre needs, whether it is for commuting, long distance travelling, off-road adventures, or whatever you can throw at us! At Medowie Car Care Pty Ltd, we go 4WDing, we tow caravans and trailers, travel long distances, commute, own a variety of vehicles, etc, and can speak from experience. We know that a tyre needs to represent value for money whilst ensuring safety and suitability for your requirements.


At Medowie Car Pty Ltd we generally stock a wide range of tyres for common vehicles and any that we don’t have, we can quickly obtain when needed. Brands that we sell and recommend include BCT, Firenza, Falken.

When making enquiries about tyres, you will be asked a few questions, including the size of the tyre you require. Your vehicle’s tyre size (eg: 205/65R15) is written on the tyre wall or on the tyre placard inside the driver’s door frame, in your glovebox or your owner’s manual.

What these numbers mean is:

Providing this information will assist us in giving you a more accurate and speedier response about tyre availability, costing, etc.

Other numbers and letters shown relate to speed and load rating of the tyre. Vehicle manufacturers recommend particular ratings for your vehicle’s tyres (see your tyre placard) – it is a legal requirement to fit tyres with correct ratings, as recommended.

Other information about tyres and wheels

Wheel Balance

There are a number of reasons for doing a wheel balance on a vehicle.

The main reason most people find they need a wheel balance is to remove vibration (and sometimes, unusual tyre noise) that you can feel in the steering wheel or through your seat (usually when driving at speeds above 80kph or so). The vibration is caused by the tyre being “out of balance”, when one section of the tyre is heavier than the rest. This will cause the tyre to wear unevenly / prematurely and cause poor performance. Left over a long period of time, unbalanced tyres may also cause your shock absorbers, struts and other steering and suspension components to wear more quickly than they should.

The wheel is removed from the vehicle and mounted on a balancing machine that spins the wheel to locate the imbalance. Weights are applied to “balance” the wheel, which removes the vibration and increases your tyre life. It takes approximately ½ hour to balance four wheels for the average vehicle.

We also recommend a wheel balance when you purchase new tyres or rotate your tyres.

Wheel Alignment

This is done to correct uneven tyre wear or when the vehicle pulls to one side (regardless of your speed) or seems to wander on straight roads. This is usually done with the vehicle on a hoist – the wheels are left on the vehicle during alignment and by using specialised laser equipment, the position of your wheels is measured and adjusted to ensure they run straight.

This will improve your vehicle’s handling (and therefore, safety) and extend the life of your tyres. It can take anything from ½ hour to a couple of hours to do, depending on the vehicle.

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