Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle Inspection

At Medowie Car Care Pty Ltd we are an Authorised Safety Check Inspection Station (ASCIS) for Pink Slips on light vehicles.

Light vehicles include;

Vehicle outside of these parameters will have to be inspected at a heavy vehicle inspection station.  See RMS website for a station near you.

Rego Inspections (Pink Slips)

Most vehicles more than five years old must pass an annual safety check (or Pink Slip), before registration can be renewed. This inspection indicates that the vehicle is safe and roadworthy at the time of inspection. The vehicle may be raised on a hoist, with at least the following items checked;

These are just a sample of the things that must pass the inspection. Other issues that could cause the vehicle to be considered unroadworthy may cause a “fail”. RTA requirements are adhered to when undertaking inspections. We prefer to book a time for inspections so you are not waiting around unnecessarily, but can often do them between 9am and 4pm without an appointment. It takes about ½ hour to do the inspection. The inspection report is submitted to the RTA electronically, so once you have obtained your CTP Greenslip, you can complete your registration online if you wish. Don’t wait until the last moment to get your inspection done in case something needs fixing or replacing – your mechanic may not be able to do it for you at that time and your registration may expire before repairs are complete. Check the Motor Accidents Authority website for further information regarding roadworthy checks.

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